Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW CONTRACT! Coming in March, Stone Cold Beast from Evernight Pub~

Just signed the contract for STONE COLD BEAST with Evernight Publishing! I introduced the Umbra Shifters in my short story in the Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition. tentative release date is sometime in March.

Here is the unofficial blurb:

Ethan Stone, lion shifter, had lived many lives. He’d been a biker, musician, and an Umbran, or shadow hunter. Everything changed two years ago when a nightclub fire killed the members of his rock band and left him the only survivor. Now scarred and living the solitary life of a nomad, Ethan just wants to be left alone in his isolated world.

Daric McNamee, a cheetah shifter and also an Umbran, has been given an assignment. Ethan Stone. Find out what happened the night of the fire and recruit Stone back into the Umbran. Not an easy task considering Ethan is stubborn and wary.  Almost immediately, both men feel a mate connection, but the last thing Daric wants is to be a submissive to a scarred, terminally angry lion shifter. However, the attraction between them can’t be denied, though Ethan tries.

When it comes time for them to part, will they admit they are mates? Can Daric convince Ethan he is more than a—stone cold beast?

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