Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reviews...Good For a Laugh~

I have no intentions of joining Goodreads as an author or participating in anyway. But I did happen upon it for the first time since my book came out last Sept. I had a good belly laugh at the reviews left on the book.

First off, I knew going in MM readers/reviewers are harsher than most. I really don't know where some women get off acting like they know what goes on between two men in a love/sex/romantic situation. But they do.

Let me tell you. I'm a woman. I am writing a woman's perspective of a romance between two men. It has no basis in reality. It's FANTASY people, as is most romance. If you can't accept instant love happening over the course of a weekend between two people, even if it is two men or not, then why are you reading romance?

It's all make believe. Fantasy. And this is what I wrote, a fantasy erotic romance between two men. And I'm going to keep on writing them as long as they sell (which this did) and becomes a best-seller (which this did at Amazon and at All Romance, cracking their top 50) and in future, I'll continue to not bother with most reviews.

Signing off...

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