Friday, March 14, 2014

Stone Cold Beast ARe Category and Amazon bestseller~

Thanks readers, not only is Stone Cold Beast holding its own on the Top #50 bestseller list for the entire All Romance site (at #29 of this writing)  But also received a silver star for being a bestseller in the Paranormal category. It also slipped back on the bestseller list in gay romance for a while! Thanks so much, readers!

I am working on book #3 in The Umbra Shifters and hope to submit next month. Then I have to figure out where to go next with it, lol~I mentioned a lion pride MC (Motorcycle club) Pride of Kings. Do I go there? What do I know about MC life except for what I see on Sons of Anarchy? Might be a hoot, though. This is all fantasy, right? :)

Have a good weekend!

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