Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Evernight Publishing: Romance on the Go line
Approx 12,000 words
M/M erotic romance
Sept 11 2013

Blurb:  One thing that annoyed Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Bartlett was outsiders coming into his small corner of Wyoming upsetting his routine. He didn’t count on a party loving rock star to complicate his life.

Drago Denison, borrowing a luxury cabin from a fellow celebrity, dragged his partygoers into the wilds of Southwestern Wyoming for a debauched weekend. When Mitchell shows up at his door due to a complaint about the noise, Drago is stunned by the enticing vision of rugged, handsome male standing before him.

The men are attracted to each other, and agree to one weekend of passion before returning to their own lives. How can two men from different lifestyles find common ground and accept how they feel? Or will the deputy and the rock star deny true love?

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                                              Karly Germain Website/Facebook/Twitter

An erotic romance writer, Karly believes romance is for everyone, and she loves to explore every faucet and emotion involved regardless of gender or number of partners. The more heat and spice, the better. Happily ever afters are a must. So are shirtless, hunky men.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Winner Evernight Pub Blog Hop~ picked Elizabeth the Book Addict to win an ebook copy of Stone Cold Beast and Alpha's Claim: Manlove Edition. Winner has been notified.

Thanks to all who participated~