Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cover Art Reveal! Cold Hard Justice #4 in The Umbra Shifters and Final Book~

Undercover work sucked. As a shadow hunter for the Umbra, Justice Cameron was used to sliding into one dangerous situation after another. Infiltrating the motorcycle club, Pride of Kings, to wrap up two outstanding cases should have been quick and painless, turns out it was anything but. Justice didn’t count on Ethan Stone’s son, Xavier, to complicate his assignment.

Xavier Lennox doesn’t care for the ‘lion pride’ way of life, so the scarred, shy loner keeps to himself, living a quiet life in a small cabin at the edge of the MC compound. He ‘fixes broken things’, and no one is more broken than Justice. When Xavier finds Justice beaten on his doorstep, he never imagined he would feel such a potent connection. The big, gruff alpha fascinates Xavier, and it turns out, the attraction is mutual.

The shadow hunter is there for one reason only. No time for complications. No time for desire...or love. Or so he tells himself, because he’s there to mete out...cold, hard justice.


This is the final book in this series. I have made no secret that this is a secondary pen name, so I have no immediate plans for any further releases at this time. If and when I do, not sure where I will be submitting publisher wise or if I may try self-pubbing.
Thanks to all who bought my MM stories.

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