Monday, March 9, 2015

Time for a Change in Strategy!

So, my last MM release was a bust, but I figured it would be because the one before it didn't sell as well as the one before that, proving to me series's are a pain. Regardless, I wanted to finish the series and I did, so mission accomplished.

What's next? A re-boot. I decided I don't want to write exclusively MM. I want a real mix. This is a secondary pen name and I have decided to turn Karly Germain into a strictly erotic romance brand with MM, MF and MMF as the platform. I should have done this right from the start, but live and learn.

So, when I get the rights back to some books under my first pen name, I will redo some for that name (more mainstream) , and redo others for this pen name. (erotic)

So what happens in the meantime? Not sure. I have nothing new on tap for this pen name at the moment. Also, I need to puzzle this out some more. What publishers am I interested in? Will I self-pub? What new stories can I plot? Do I want to do another series? (Not really)

So excuse me while I take a sabbatical to plan out a working strategy. Bye.

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